The Benefits Of Brick Fencing

Bricks can be used as a unique and alternative fencing material that provides a number of benefits over traditional hardwood fencing. Understanding the advantages of using brick as a fencing material can help you come to a conclusion about whether or not it is the right fit for your needs.

The Benefits of Brick Fencing

  • Security: Brick is extremely hard, as it is usually made out of concrete and hardened clay. This provides a solid barrier that can be used to discourage human or animal intruders from entering your yard. This also means that brick fences can be used to keep pets in your yard, as dogs and cats will be unable to dig or break through it.
  • Durability: The high density of bricks means that they are extremely durable. Brick fences are able to hold up against a great deal of physical trauma, and are completely unfazed by weather conditions, as not even hail can break a brick fence. In fact, unless purposely broken down, most brick fences can last several decades.
  • Insulation: Bricks are naturally insulating, and provide a sound barrier around your yard which can increase the amount of privacy that you get. This is especially important if you live near a major road or next to noisy neighbors.
  • Low Maintenance: Bricks do not need to be resealed or cleaned in order to maintain their structural stability. This means that there are fewer long-term costs associated with brick fencing, which helps make bricks a viable option for those operating under a budget. They are also immune to rot, rust, and pest infestations.
  • Fireproof: Bricks are completely fireproof, and will not burn. This means that they can act as a natural fire barrier, and help prevent the spread of fire across your yard, which can protect your deck and house from damage.
  • Insurance Benefits: As they are extremely durable and capable as security fences, and provide a fireproof barrier in your yard, most insurance companies will reduce your insurance premiums if you have a brick fence installed in your yard. Check with your insurance company beforehand to see if this applies to your policy.
  • Aesthetic: Though subjective, brick fencing provides a natural, luxurious aesthetic to your home. Additionally, bricks can be purchased in a wide variety of different colors, which means that you can match the color scheme of your house and yard very easily, at no extra cost.

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