Safe Fencing Options For Small Children

When you have small children, you want to make sure the fencing you choose is safe for them to touch. Most fencing materials will not do a lot of physical harm, but materials like wood and metal may leave small injuries like splinters and minor cuts. To prevent even small injuries, it is best to know which fencing options are ideal of small children to be around on a daily basis.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link

One option you have is vinyl coated chain link fencing, which has the same benefits of traditional chain link such as durability and affordability. The biggest difference is that the metal is coated, which prevents any sharp edges from cutting your children's skin.

The coating also prevents the metal from rusting when it gets wet. In many cases, rust can cause an infection to start. Even a small puncture wound from a piece of rusted metal for example, can be harmful to children.  

When you start looking into this material option, you will need to focus on how the vinyl is placed onto the metal. One type uses a method where the vinyl slips onto the metal, which is similar to pulling on a sock. An issue that some people have with this option is that the vinyl can peel or tear off over time.

Another product type uses a method where the vinyl is bonded to the metal with a layer process. This process generally requires the metal to be dipped into a vinyl mixture in stages, which gives the fencing a much thicker coating. The layering method reduces the likelihood that the coating will come off the fencing.

PVC Fencing

When you prefer privacy and safety, then a PVC fence is a good choice. This fencing is comprised of panels of high-density plastics that can handle most weather conditions such as direct sunlight and constant rain.

When the panels are put together, there are no nails that can poke out from one side. Generally, the installation process requires screws that go into the middle of the posts, which means that small fingers cannot get to the nails.

Another advantage is that with solid panels, it is very difficult for small children to climb the fence. Choosing a panel design that does not have a place to hold onto will keep them from climbing to the top of fence. You also get more privacy with these panels, since many of the fencing designs look similar to solid wood fencing.

Before installing a fence around your property, you need to think about which ones are safest for your children. Looking through the different products will help you determine which one is best suited for your property. For more information, check out companies such as Elrod Fence Co.