Maintain A Strong Fence With The Right Look - Options In Chain Link Fence Finishes

Whether you're trying to spruce up the yard surrounding your home or secure an important commercial site, a chain link fence is a useful tool that can help get the job done. However, many people may not realize the wide variety of options available to them in chain link and may be surprised to find out that there's likely a coating for any need.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of your options in finishes for your chain link fence. With this information in mind, you can pick out the fence that will fulfill all of your needs while simultaneously guaranteeing that it will remain strong and resilient long into the future.

Galvanized Zinc

Typically the strong metal finish that most people associate with chain link, galvanized zinc is designed specifically to protect your fence's structure. Zinc is a self sacrificing finish in that it adds strength to the steel as it breaks down, allowing for an extra layer of protection in rough conditions.

If you choose a galvanized zinc finish for your fence, you should also be aware that you can choose between fencing that has been galvanized either before or after weaving. If you want to guarantee full coverage and a resilient finished, chain link that's galvanized after weaving will offer you that guarantee.

Aluminum Coated

If you want a strong metal finish but you're hesitant about the somewhat dull appearance of zinc, aluminum-coated fencing may fulfill your needs. The bright and shining finish is a great choice for home applications as well as businesses who are conscious of the image of their property.

Aluminum chain link is somewhat more susceptible than zinc to rusting at its ends and other cut pieces over time. If you've chosen to install an aluminum fence for aesthetic reasons, it's important that you take all necessary steps to scrub that rust away before it threatens both the look and structural integrity of your fence.

Polyvinyl Chloride

For fences that need to be a certain color, polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, can be applied as a permanent coating over your metal fencing. This coating will be strong, resilient, and extremely difficult to remove and can be an excellent choice for fences that need a more subtle appearance. It's also incredibly useful in extreme climates, as the PVC coating offers an extra layer of weather proofing that will protect your fence's structural integrity.

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