3 Chain Link Fence Maintenance Tips

If you have a fence on your property that you need to get the most out of, there are some important guidelines that you should follow. Taking care of your fence will allow you to enforce your property boundaries, keep your children and pets safe and keep pests away from your lawn and garden. Further, great maintenance for your fence allows you to maintain property value, protecting your most important investment. Give yourself that help by following these tips to getting the best performance out of your fencing. 

Tip #1: Learn How To Properly Clean Your Fence 

Chain link fence maintenance revolves around cleaning. If you want a strong, durable fence, it'll mostly come down to how clean you keep it. Because of this, you should follow some of these instructions to clean your fence properly and efficiently:

  • Invest in a power washer so that you can keep your fence the cleanest. If you don't currently have a power washer, you should take some ecologically friendly soap mixed with water, so that you can scrub away any dirt or stains
  • Apply an anti-rust agent, so that you are able to prevent bad weather, rust and corrosion from causing incredible damage
  • Get rid of debris as quickly as possible, so that discoloration and rust don't set in

Tip #2: Get A Maintenance Plan For The Fence 

When you want to be sure that your fence is always in the proper condition, you can spend a little bit of money to get some peace of mind throughout the years. Many contractors sell maintenance plans which will let you get things like cleaning, trimming, rust removal, wire replacement and adjustment for your fence, throughout the course of ownership. Invest in one of these plans so that your fence lasts to the longer end of the spectrum. 

Tip #3: Know How Best To Paint Your Fence

You'll need to be sure that you understand how to paint your fence, so that you avoid any mistakes. Before applying any coats of paint, you'll need to be sure that you scrub away rust with a wire brush. It also would not hurt to apply an anti-rust solution, prior to applying any colors. You'll need to purchase a quality primer and allow it to set in before using any colored paint on the chain link fence. 

Follow these three tips so that you are able to keep your fence in great condition for years.