4 Ways To Get Your Wood Fence To Last Longer

If you've just installed a new wood fence, you might be wondering about ways that you can maintain it properly to ensure that it lasts longer. A wood fence generally lasts anywhere from ten to fifteen years, but it can last longer if you take care of it.

1. Perform Regular Pest Control

It's not just termites that you need to worry about. There are many insects that can slowly compromise the health of a wood fence. Pressure-treated wood fences are generally more resistant than untreated fencing, but insects can be very tenacious. Pest control services will also prevent any nests, cocoons or other dangerous or potentially unsettling things from making your fence its home.

2. Regularly Apply Preservatives and Sealants

A preservative and sealant should be applied to a fence as necessary -- an annual basis is usually enough. Preservatives are not necessary on pressure-treated wood. Preservatives prevent the wood from rotting, while sealants create a water-resistant barrier. Water can cause wood to swell, crack and bloat, which will break down the fence over time. 

3. Cut Down Tall Weeds, Brush and Vines

Weeds, under brush and vines can slowly damage a fence, either by rubbing against it or actually pushing it. Vines can be quite damaging if left alone, as they can either constrict or push apart the fencing. In addition to keeping the structural stability of the fence intact, cutting down on weeds and brush will also offer fewer hiding places for termites. Termites often move to wood, such as wooden fences, through undergrowth. Even termite treated wood can eventually become host to termites if given enough opportunity.

4. Adjust Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems can be damaging to a wood fence in a way that rain often is not. Naturally, the longer a wood fence stays wet, the more likely it is to succumb to damage eventually. But a sprinkler system doesn't just wet down a fence, it sprays the fence with water -- so physical wear can occur eventually, too. You should aim your sprinkler system so that it does not quite reach the fence, to protect it.

The wonderful thing about wood fencing is that it's cheap to repair. In fact, it's even cheap to replace entirely. If you do find that your wood fence is starting to go, it's a good idea to call a fence contractor as soon as possible. A damaged or broken wood fence can become both a hazard and a liability. 

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