The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chain Link Fencing

Do you need a way to contain a pet or child to your back yard, but are also on a budget? Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable ways to do it. Before you decide to get chain link fencing installed, you should know some advantages and disadvantages of using the material. 

Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

A redeeming feature of chain link fencing is how durable it is. The metal material is actually treated before it is sold so that it will not rust. This is an important quality to have when you consider how much water the fence will see over the years. Overall, you won't have to do much maintenance with chain link fencing, which makes it great if you tend to ignore those types of things around the home.

Many people like chain link fencing because the material allows you to see through it. It won't make your yard feel small or boxed in by having chain link fencing installed. If you ever want privacy there are several ways that you can do it. Metal slats can be woven through the fencing to make it difficult to see through. There are also tarps that can be tied to the fencing material, which have small holes in them that allows wind to pass through. It won't provide complete privacy, but it is typically good enough.

Disadvantages of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing may keep pets and kids in, but it will not keep people out very well. The fence will be easy to climb if it is short enough, and if the fence is large, it can be cut using the proper tools. If someone is determined enough, they can get in.

Some homeowners may have hesitations about chain link fencing due to the look. The material looks very generic, and won't give your home as much character as a wood or vinyl fence would.

The Cost of Chain Link Fencing

If you decided that chain link fencing is right for your home, you should be prepared for how much it will cost. Chain link fencing will cost up to $6 per foot for all the materials needed for a 4 foot high fence, which is usually all you need if your goal is to contain pets and kids. For comparison, wood picket fencing can cost as much as $9 per foot for materials, and vinyl will cost up to $12 per foot. It makes chain link very affordable when compared to other materials out there.

Now that you know the material cost, reach out to a local fencing contractor (such as one from Town & Country Fence) that can perform the installation for you.