3 Ways To Make Your Chain Link Fence More Private

Chain link fences are great for being long lasting and secure, but one thing that they may be lacking in is privacy. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to add more privacy to your fence. This article will discuss 3 ways to make your chain link fence more private. 

Fence Slats

One of the most common ways to make your fence more private is going to be to install fence slats. Fence slats are long thin pieces that are made of either plastic, wood, or aluminum. You can often get these materials in different colors to personalize your fence and create a look that you like. These pieces are then weaved into the chain links from the top to the bottom and have fasteners that attach to the fence at the top to secure the slats into place. These slats create a wall along your chain link fence that effectively stops people from being able to see inside of it. 

A Wind Screen

Another effective method for creating privacy for your chain link fence is going to be to install a wind screen. The wind screen comes in a large roll that is the correct height for your fence and is made out of a mesh fabric material. Brass grommets are also incorporated into the mesh fabric to make it more sturdy and stop it from blowing all over the place. To attach the wind screen to your fence, you are going to want to use zip ties to attach it to the top and bottom. The wind screen will provide a great deal of privacy, while at the same time helping to reduce the amount of wind that can come in through the fence. 


An effective yet non-traditional way of making your chain link fence more private is going to be to plant ivy along the base of the fence. Since ivy is known to grow up and around whatever structure it is near, it will do this with your chain link fence. The ivy will slowly cover your entire fence, until it is completely covered with ivy. This ivy will create a plant wall between your yard and whatever is outside of it, making it a much more private place. The ivy is also a great option because it is generally a lot prettier and more natural looking than some of the other methods. Contact a fencing company like Fence Pro for more information.