Cedar Fencing: 5 Advantages You Should Know About

If the time has come to fence off your backyard, you'll most likely feel confused about which material to use to construct it. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and metal are all viable options, but one material may stick out as being best for your home's needs. Here are some advantages of using cedar wood for your backyard fence.

Cedar Can Withstand Rot

You may not be aware that cedar is a wood native to rainforests and coastal areas, which gives it an ability to naturally withstand wet conditions. It is a reason why cedar wood is often used for decks and other outdoor construction where the wood is exposed to water on a constant basis.

Cedar Repels Insects

A big problem you can run into with a wood fence is pest infestation. The fence rests along the ground, which means it is quite easy for insects to reach the wood. While some woods will attracts pests, others will actually repel the insects. This is true of cedar wood, which has natural oils in the wood that do just that. You can simulate the effect with other woods by treating it with a pesticide, but this is simply not necessary if you use cedar for your fence.

Cedar Won't Shrink

The origin of cedar wood gives it an advantage when it comes to temperature changes. Cedar wood will not change in size between the hot and cold months, which can cause a wood fence to become damaged. Warped wood will cause nails to pop out and boards to become loose, and require frequent repairs to keep the fence looking good.

Cedar Naturally Looks Great

If you love the look of natural wood, consider cedar due to its looks. The wood itself is a sight to be seen, and many homeowners pick cedar because they do not have plans to stain the wood or paint it a specific color. They love the beauty of the knots, stripes, and natural color variations that cedar provides, which makes it an aesthetically pleasing part of a yard. While cedar wood will fade as it gets older, the gray color can give a rustic look that cannot be duplicated with other materials.

Cedar Smells Great

One aspect you may not have thought of is the smell of a wood fence. Cedar has a very pleasant aroma that you'll be sure to notice. While the aroma does fade over the years when the oils within the wood start to dry up, it is a perk of cedar that you cannot get with other woods.

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