Tips For Maintaining Your Ornamental Iron Fencing

An ornamental iron fence can add a bit of classic beauty to your property. However, if it is not properly maintained it will begin to look old instead of classic. Luckily, taking care of it is not too difficult, but will require a routine and a few tools to make the job easier. Here are a few tips that will help you keep the fence looking great.

Lawn Care

Something that many people do not think about when it comes to maintaining their fencing is the lawn and landscaping near it. If you have grass or bushes growing by the fence it is important to keep them from touching the fencing. Take the time to trim any bushes before they reach the fence and mow any grass before it gets too close and a week eater is needed. If things touch the fencing you may end up scratching the fence when you try to mow or trim. In addition, you do not want to block the view of the fence with landscaping as you may not see a rust area as soon as it starts.


It would be best if you can keep any sprinklers or other irrigation systems from spraying water onto the fence. This will limit the chance of rust forming. While you cannot be expected to wipe down the fencing after it rains, you do not want to add to any moisture.

Inspect, Wash, and Wax

Twice a year make sure to go out and walk the entire fence line, looking for any type of damage. Once you are sure everything is in good condition, wash the fence with soapy water. Do this on a warm, sunny day so the fence will dry completely. Once dry apply metal wax to it. This can be done with a brush but be sure to get into the crevices. 

Remove Rust

If you notice any rust, be sure to take care of it immediately to avoid it spreading. Use a wire brush to scrape the rust off completely and then repaint the area and apply a layer of wax.

Keeping your ornamental iron fencing looking good will give you a feeling of satisfaction when you come home from work. It can also increase the curb appeal and value of your home. Most importantly, you will enjoy looking at it whenever you have the chance to spend some time in your yard. Contact a company, like Canyon  Fence Co, for more help.