Setting Chain Link Fence Posts In Soiling

Chain link fences that are set in soil need to be solid. That is, soil can shift as tree roots move around and grow. This can compromise the post strength. So, the cornerstone of any strong fence lies in the post. This article explains the best techniques for installing solid and reliable posts directly into soil. Dig a Deep Hole or Use Concrete Footing A post set directly in soil should probably be about half as deep as the post height.

Cedar Fencing: 5 Advantages You Should Know About

If the time has come to fence off your backyard, you'll most likely feel confused about which material to use to construct it. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and metal are all viable options, but one material may stick out as being best for your home's needs. Here are some advantages of using cedar wood for your backyard fence. Cedar Can Withstand Rot You may not be aware that cedar is a wood native to rainforests and coastal areas, which gives it an ability to naturally withstand wet conditions.

4 Things To Do Before Having A Fence Installed On Your Property

There are many reasons to consider adding a fence around your property. Perhaps you want to be able to let your dog outside without having to worry about him running away, or maybe you want some added privacy from your neighbors. Either way, there are a few things you'll want to do before you hire a fencing contractor to install a fence on your property. Be Sure of Your Property Lines

3 Ways To Make Your Chain Link Fence More Private

Chain link fences are great for being long lasting and secure, but one thing that they may be lacking in is privacy. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to add more privacy to your fence. This article will discuss 3 ways to make your chain link fence more private.  Fence Slats One of the most common ways to make your fence more private is going to be to install fence slats.

Types Of Chicken Fencing

Fencing in an enclosure for your chickens is extremely important. Not only does it keep them within a relatively confined area nearby, preventing you from having to go searching to see where your birds went, it also keeps predators away. There are several different types of chicken fencing available, each of which provides a different set of advantages and drawbacks. Understanding what each type of fence has to offer can help you choose the one that best fits what your chickens need.